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The Plastic People of the Universe

List of witnesses

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Vratislav Brabenec (1943)

born in Prague on April 28, 1943 1963-1969: began to study theology at the Comenius Protestant Theological Faculty in Prague 1972: became active in the music band The Plastic People of the Universe 1976: arrested for alleged disorderly conduct in relation to a ... arrows 

Josef Janíček (1947)

born 1947 in Prague trained as a car mechanic 1960s, played psychedelic rock with The Primitives Group was a member of The Plastic People of The Universe interrogated several times and spent six months in custody during the big trial with people from the ... arrows 

Jan Macháček (1965)

born on 2. 6. 1965 in Prague studied the gymnasium in Radotín high school of economics in Prague music band The Plastic People of the Universe a guitarist in the band Garáž in 1988 signed the Chart 77 since 1990 active as a journalist, co-founder of the ... arrows 

Josef Rössler (1956)

born 7 April 1956 in Prague sports-oriented family (Scouting, sailing) 1971-1973, trained as a mechanic at Czech Boatyard Prague from 1974, in touch with the Czech underground scene thanks to Golden Hill House a musician - Goldberg Grass Band, Dr. Prostěradlo ... arrows 



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