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Nominees for the Memory of Nations Awards 2014

List of witnesses

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Rudolf Bereza (1942 - 2014) video clip available

born 1942 in Tovačov signed Charter 77 in 1980 on May 1, 1987 with Tomáš Hradilek displayed a banner reading "Charter 77 calls for civic courage" in Olomouc with T. Hradilek wrote an open letter to President Gustáv Husák in 1987, urging him to abdicate from the ... arrows 

Heidi Bohley (1950)

1950 - born in Görlitz 1953 - her first childhood memory relates to the arrest of her father on 17 June 1969 - passed her school-leaving exam and began her university studies in Halle Since 1969, she joined political discussion groups in Halle 1971 - met her ... arrows 

Rainer Eppelmann (1943)

1943, born in Berlin-Pankow Father was a carpenter and his mother was a dressmaker Not a member of Communist youth organizations Attended the Johannes-Kepler-Gymnasium in West Berlin 1961 construction of the wall and was forced to leave school Worked as an ... arrows 

Jaroslav Fabok (1921 - 2017) video clip available

he was born on February 17, 1921, in the village of Silbaš located in the former Yugoslavia, in what is now Serbia in 1925 the whole family moved to Slovakia to the village of Dolná Krupá near Trnava, later they lived in Nové Mesto nad Váhom in 1943 he got into ... arrows 

Julie Hrušková (1928)

born 18th May 1928 in Boskovštejn, her father was a game keeper 1948, escaped to Austria in Linz, signed up for illegal activity relationship with an American soldier, Frank Fernetti, pregnancy captured in the Soviet zone of Linz, interrogated by the ... arrows 

János Kenedi (1947)

was born on July 12, 1947 brought messages between revolutionary groups in 1956 1966 got school-leaving exam yob at Kalef trainee at Esti Hírlap between 1966 and 1968 trainee, editor, and film critic at Budapester Rundschau 1968-1970 editor at Magvető ... arrows 

Juliána Lápková roz. Pecháčková (1935 - 2015) video clip available

born 1935 in the village Vřesce collectivization of farms unified agricultural cooperative in Vřesce her father Václav Pecháček imprisoned in Tábor her brother Josef Pecháček in the Auxiliary Technical Battalions as a nurse in the Jáchymov uranium mines ... arrows 

Manfred Matthies (1941)

1941 - born in Magdeburg, trained as a shipbuilder 1959 - escaped with his family to West Berlin, assigned to Solingen (NRW) 1961 – began to study in West Berlin 1960s – was involved in helping countless fugitives to escape from the East using forged passports, ... arrows 

Kornel Morawiecki (1941)

He is originally from Warsaw, studied in Wrocław In 1968 he was an active participant in a series of student protests as well as one of the co-organisers of the demonstrations against the Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia During the 1970s he was the editor ... arrows 

Károly - Placid atya Olofsson (1916)

born in Rákosszentmihály on December 23,1916. the family moved to Budapest in 1926 took part at the 4th world meeting of the scouting movement in 1933 entered the Benedictine Order in 1933 studied theology, then got teachers’ diploma in Hungarian literature ... arrows 



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