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Hungarian from Transylvania

List of witnesses

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Urban Albert (1929) video clip available

born 11 May 1929 in Gemelčička (Făgetu) in Romania a Slovak from Romania his brother Ignác served in the Hungarian army during WW2 his brother Ignác was imprisoned in a Soviet POW camp 1947, re-emigrated to Czechoslovakia employee of the Staré Město State ... arrows 

Annamária Gugler (1961)

was born in Nagyvárad (Oradea) in 1961 1981 was married in 1981 graduated as a production engineer in Nagyvárad in 1983 worked as an engineer in Maramures her daughter was born in 1985 worked in Nagyvárad as an unskilled worker arrived in Hungary in 1988 ... arrows 

František Mráz (1934) video clip available

Born on 24th December, 1934 in a village of Bicaci (Slovak Bikači, Hungarian Mezőbikács) in Rumania Slovak from Rumania Father in a Hungarian army During collectivisation witnessed shooting of 19 citizens of Bikači During collectivisation several farmers were ... arrows 



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