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Internační tábor Svatobořice u Kyjova

List of witnesses

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Marie Bednaříková (1921) video clip available

Born in 1921 in Velký Újezd Her brother, Bohumil Bednařík, fled together with Jaroslav Švarc and Alois Fröhlich to France in 1940 In England, B. Bednařík became the commander of a special operations group named CHALK Bohumil Bednařík, Vladimír Hauptvogel, ... arrows 

Stanislav Bodlák (1924)

born 24 April 1924 in Uherčice childhood in Brno-Líšeň his brother Miloš Bodlák escaped to France in 1940 Miloš Bodlák was a pilot of the 311th Czechoslovak Bomber Squadron of the RAF in England 1942, during Operation E (Emigranten) Miloš’s family members ... arrows 

Ingeborg Cäsarová (1936) video clip available

born on September 2, 1936, in Bohumín both of her parents were German nationals her father František was interned after the war in Ostrava the family was interned in Svatobořice from April 1947 to August 1949 internment in Mohelnice from August 1949 to ... arrows 

Věra Čechová (1934)

born on the 18th of June 1934 in Prostějov father Miloš Fleischer – pilot of the director of the Vítkovice ironworks, later worked for Československá letecká společnost (Czechoslovak Aviation Company) in 1939 her father went abroad to fight for the liberation of ... arrows 

Věra Dekastellová (1919 - 2014)

born 23 November 1919 in Prague her father was a widower who married a seamstress, the witness’s mother her father’s first child, his daughter Amálie, remained with her grandparents June 1910, birth of the witness’s brother Josef, who later became a military ... arrows 

Věra Doleželová, roz. Vitoušová (1930)

the daughter of Frantisek Vitous, member of the revolt group Lenka-Jih (liberally translated as Lenka-South) her parents were hiding three paratroopers from the Spelter operation in their keeper´s house during the summer of 1944 following the betrayal of the ... arrows 

Hugo Drásal (1927) video clip available

born in 1927 in Dalov (Šternberk) of German nationality escaped service in the Wehrmacht due to eye defect family was not part of expulsion father Hubert died in internment camp in Šternberk internment camp Šternberk internment camp Svatobořice labour ... arrows 

Antonie Fryštacká (1924)

born on October 30, 1924 in Vacenovice near Kyjov 1930 enrolled in the elementary school in her native Vacenovice 1938 began working on a forest seed-plot in Vacenovice 1944 was ordered to go Germany to do forced labour there, but she evaded it thanks to ... arrows 

Jaroslav Hejcman (1934)

born February 13, 1934 in Prague his parents Jaroslav (1905) and Milena (1909) were active Sokol members who joined the resistance movement his father was helping the paratroopers since autumn 1941 July 15, 1942 – Jaroslav’s father was arrested, his mother was ... arrows 

Irena Hešová (1926)

born on 3rd November 1926 in Bystřice u Benešova her parents Jan Heš and Kateřina Hešová participated in the Heydrich assassination in the summer of 1942 her parents were arrested, in October 1942 they were executed in Mauthausen Irena was interned in an ... arrows 



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