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Fighter in Belarusian partisan units during WWII

List of witnesses

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Ljubov Pavlovna Latipová (1922)

Born in 1922 in the vicinity of Mogilev Studied at a pedagogical secondary school Dug anti-tank trenches near Mogilev Helped the Belarusian guerilla fighters of the 121st troop operating in the Mogilev region After the war, she completed her pedagogical ... arrows 

Olga Mauleová (1925) video clip available

born 19 October 1925 in Jedvaniny near Plužno in the former Soviet Union 12 February 1943 - 9 March 1943, served as a scout and messenger for the Sidora Kovpaka partisan troop 10 March 1943 - 2 January 1944, active in the Mikhailov-Odukha partisan troop 3 ... arrows 

Anatolij Tichonovič Stančenko (1925 - 2006)

Born in 1925 in the village of Počepy in the Mogilev region in Belarus 1942 - forced labor in Germany, escaped 1943 - joined the partisans, his troop merged with the advancing Red Army Worked in military intelligence, several times wounded The recipient of ... arrows 

Stanislav Stanislavovič Šuškevič (1934)

Born in 1934 in Minsk 1936 - Father arrested, put in jail Experienced the German occupation of Minsk 1956 – completed his studies at the Belarusian State University 1973 - Professor 1990 - Member of the Supreme Soviet of the BSSR 1991-1994 - Chairman of ... arrows 



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