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The Student activist during the Velvet revolution in Czechoslovakia

List of witnesses

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Marek Benda (1968)

born 10 November 1968 in Prague his father Václav Benda signed Charter 77 studied at two faculties of Charles University co-opted into the Czech National Council, co-author of the Constitution of the Czech Republic member of parliament for the Christian ... arrows 

Bachelor Josef Bernard (1965)

born on 30 May 1945 in Planá near Mariánské Lázně as a child, read prohibited literature in 1968, witnessed the arrival of the Soviet tanks did a vocational training in the Škoda factory recalls the late years of Škoda as a "solid dam of socialism and ... arrows 

Jan Bubeník (1968)

Born on April 4, 1968 Studied at the Faculty of medicine of the Charles University After November 17, he became one of the student leaders December 28, 1989 – he became the youngest member of the federal assembly After the first free elections in 1990, he ... arrows 

Tomáš Ctibor (1963)

born 11 May 1963 in Most 1980s, studied in Prague part of the musical community connected with the “New Wave” November and December 1989, active in the revolutionary events as a student leader 1990, co-opted into the Federal Assembly as of 2017, works in ... arrows 

Master of Fine Arts Michal Dočekal (1965)

born on 7th April, 1965 in Prague inclined to the underground environment in 1970s and 1980s during studies at the gymnasium acted in the theatre group A studio Rubín in 1985 accepted to DAMU to study directing since 1988 participated in most anti-regime ... arrows 

Jan Doskočil (1965)

born on 25 May 1965 in Hradec Králové following graduation in 1983 and unsuccessful attempts to get accepted to high school he worked as a manual worked and later a sanitary worker in 1985 began studying Medical faculty of the Charles University in Hradec ... arrows 

Marcel Hájek (1965) video clip available

born 1965 in Pilsen attended the Third Grammar School in Pilsen and the Faculty of Medicine of Charles University in Pilsen (FMCU) 1980s, active in the dissent, distributed samizdat literature; 1988, co-authored a petition to Rudé právo to have the full text of ... arrows 

Pavel Chalupa (1963)

born 31 August 1963 in Teplice primary school in Varnsdorf, trained as an electromechanical technician, then completed an evening course at the Secondary School of Electrical Engineering in Prague took an interest in acting, experience with an amateur theatre ... arrows 

Vlastimil Ježek (1963)

born 24 July 1963 in Prague as an only child employed briefly as a construction worker, completed three semesters at the Faculty of Construction of the Czech Technical University in Prague later attended the Faculty of Arts of Charles University; organised ... arrows 

David Kabzan (1969)

born on 9 October 1969 in Krnov his mother publicly disagreed with the communist regime in 1984 he started attending a boarding school in Prague, studying exotic animal breeding since mind-1980s he was part of the dissident movement was arrested and ... arrows 



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