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Legio Angelica (scouts)

List of witnesses

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Miloš Blažek (1926)

born 7th May 1926 1937 , member of the Scout organisation Legio Angelica took his Scout Promise shortly before the signing of the Munich Agreement during the Prague Revolt, worked in charity after the war, leader of the 318th Scout Troop, co-founder of the ... arrows 

Jiří Rak (1924)

born 5 August 1924 in Prague lived briefly in Radotín, then in Prague-Břevnov cca 1937, joined Legio Angelica 1940s, learnt to be a decorator 1944, forced labour at the Ruzyně airport 1945-1946, participated in several Legio Angelica camps 1946-1948, ... arrows 

Vladimír Rak (1925)

Born in Prague on 18 November 1925 Spent early childhood in Radotín, later in Břevnov Joined Legio Angelica with brother in 1937 1945 - first LA boy scout camp, Blátivý dolík, and the "Camp of Seven" 1946 - camp in Sepekov 1947 - camp at Ostaš 1947 - ... arrows 

Ing. František Wretzl (1919 - 2013)

born on 19 October 1919 member of the Catholic Scout troop "Legio Angelica" of Pater Metod Klement a war-time member of the revolutionary Scout troops (ROJ) arrested and interrogated by the Gestapo for a month held in the little fortress of the Theresienstadt ... arrows 



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