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People connected to the ČIN magazine (scouts)

List of witnesses

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Otakar Randák (1926)

born October 18, 1926 in Nymburk 1937 – joined the 2nd Boy Scout troop (JUNÁK) – Water Scouts 1940 – secretly leading the troop and Young Herald Club n. 1717 called “Boys of Nature” (“Hoši přírody”) 1943 – construction of the sailing boat Vorvaň (“Spermwhale”), ... arrows 

PhDr. Dobromila Vaňková (1925)

born 5 January 1925 in Háj near Opava from 1938, lived away from her family in a refugee camp for displaced Czechs in Ostrava attended grammar school; participated in illegal Scout activities 1942-1944, imprisoned by the Gestapo in Ostrava and Wrocław 1944, ... arrows 

Jiří Zachariáš (1940)

born 1940 in Prague, Žižkov district ’50s, joined Jaroslav Foglar’s troop 1965, co-founded the Psohlavci group 1968, founded his own group, Spirála during normalisation, forced to move his troop under the heading of various youth organisations a signatory ... arrows 



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