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7. 11. 1917 - October Revolution in Russia

Related epochs

The First world war 1914 - 1918 (18)

List of witnesses

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Olga Čvančarová (1927) video clip available

born 1927 in Černý Les, Volhynia Volhynian Czech sheltered a Jewish girl family owned a mill in Černý Les Ukrainian village of Krásný Sad razed to the ground re-emigrated to Czechoslovakia united agricultural co-op in Třebom husband Václav Čvančara ... arrows 

Zdeněk Damašek (1925 - 2012) video clip available

born on 2nd November 1925 in Teremno, Volhynia on 19th March 1944 joined the 1st Czechoslovak independent brigade trained in Bessarabia lightly injured during the battle of the Dukla Pass after the war began working in the banking sector and lived in the ... arrows 

Olga Dufková, roz. Urbánková (1940)

born 1940 in Slaný memories of her grandfather’s and father’s stay in Russia her father returned to Czechoslovakia after the October Revolution establishment of a bus transport company in the Slaný region talking about the life of her family during WWII ... arrows 

Maja Fundová (1931)

born in Leningrad in 1931 lived in Leningrad all the time throughout the siege of the city (1941-1944) with her mother and younger brother received the Medal For the Defence of Leningrad graduated from French and Spanish in 1958 met Luboš Funda, who studied ... arrows 

Kateřina Irmanovová (1947) video clip available

born on January 21, 1947 in Prague; after 1948 lived in Finland for over a year in 1953 - 1962 attended elementary school Na Smetance, Prague 2 in 1960 stared the main role in a movie called "Dove" by F. Vláčil in 1962 - 1965 attended Archbishop's Grammar ... arrows 

Matylda Klapalová, roz. Lapková (1922)

Born 1922 in Slany Tradesman'sdaughter Departures of foreigners into the country after the Great October Socialist Revolution Girl scout from 1932 to 1939 Meeting with the factory owner J. J. Pála Life in Ostrava Business Technia Participate in ... arrows 

Ivan Kosenko (1941)

born 28 July 1941 in Trnava his father was Russian, his mother Polish after his mother died, he was sent to a children’s sanatorium and then a children’s home for war orphans expelled from secondary school, worked in road construction before military service ... arrows 

Captain (ret.) Josef Kulich (1924) video clip available

born April 17, 1924 in the village Stromovka in Volhynia in the then Poland March 23, 1944 – joined the 1st Czechoslovak army corps which was being formed at that time served as a submachine gunner in a tank unit, later as a deputy to the troop commander ... arrows 

Karel Ležák (1928)

born June 18, 1928 in Horažďovice trainee in the ČZ Strakonice factory graduated from the secondary technical school in Kladno deputy director in state-owned company Tatra Slaný external representative for Yugoslavia in Motokov leader of the coordination ... arrows 

Taťána Lukešová (1927 - 2015)

born on 21 October 1927 in Prague as Alice Ledererová worked as writer, journalist, interpreter her father was František Lederer, her mother Galina (née Barakovskaja), her uncle Jaroslav Křížek in 1938 witnessed the arrest of her parents by an SS-commando was ... arrows 



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