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24. 3. – 10. 6. 1999 - NATO bombing of Yugoslavia

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The Nineties - 1990... (134)

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Jindřiška Burzičová (1969)

born June 17, 1969 in Karlovy Vary learnt the seamstress‘ trade in 1991 she and her husband moved to the town Kulen Vakuf in Bosnia her daughter was born in 1991 experienced the war in former Yugoslavia attempted to flee her country with her daughter ... arrows 

Stanislav Gazdík (1970)

born in 1970 in Karviná, his father was a miner 1989-1991 - compulsory army service May 1991 – joined the French Foreign Legion 2nd Foreign Parachute Regiment (2.REP) 1994-2003 – member of the special unit of the 2nd regiment – CRAP (GCP) missions to Africa ... arrows 

Zoran Kamarit (1925) video clip available

Born on 14 April 1925 in Šabac, Serbia, to a family of a Czech émigré and a Serb Arrested at 18 years in Belgrade during the war, then released Fought as a guerrilla on the Srem front between 1944 and 1945 and reached Celje, Slovenia Graduated from economics in ... arrows 

Ruža Kolaček (1956) video clip available

Born in 1956 at Petrovaradin Having graduated from high school she joined Borovo and worked there until 2005 Organised voluntary work for young people in 1982-1983 A daughter was born to her in 1993 Experienced the bombing of Serbia in 1999 Retired in 2014 ... arrows 

Jarmila Laník (1940) video clip available

Born on 7 April 1940 in Belgrade in the former Yugoslavia Started going to a Czech primary school in 1947 Joined JAT as a flight attendant in 1961 Visited Czechoslovakia on business from 1965 on Remembers the life of the Czech community in Belgrade and the ... arrows 

Jakub Matulík (1942)

born 6 July 1942 in Ladná near Břeclav 5 December 1960 to 30 November 1961, Military School of Flight Mechanics in Košice 2 December 1962, Mošnov Airport 1 September 1965 to 31 July 1966, Higher Vocational School of Aviation in Košice - rank of lieutenant 5 ... arrows 

Epanastatis Prusalis (1948)

born 16th November 1948 in Northern Greece fled to Buljkes, later Czechoslovakia father died during the Greek civil war spent his childhood in his grandaparent’s village since school age, children’s home in Šilheřovice studied at an automobile technical ... arrows 



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