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1944 - 1949 Greek civil war

Related epochs

Before the iron curtain fall - 1946 - 1949 (2032)

List of witnesses

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George Agathonikiadis (1947)

born 10th August 1947 in Megali Sterna in the Greek part of Macedonia arrived in Czechoslovakia with his grandparents in autumn 1949 lived with his grandparents in Brno until 1961 1968, began studying secondary school (design and costume art) 1973-7, studied ... arrows 

Antonis Arabadzis (1936)

born 1936 in a village in northern Greece wounded by a bomb during the civil war, arrived in Czechoslovakia with blood poisoning learned Czech quickly, stayed in touch with the Greek community lost his leg and learned to walk with a prosthetic bandager ... arrows 

Tanasis Avukatos (1962)

Born in 1962 in Jeseník. Both parents were Greek. Lived in the Jeseník region until he was 18 years of age. Graduated from university in Prague. Worked in Olomouc for three years. 1988 immigrated to Greece. 1999 returned because of work. Married to a ... arrows 

Fotis Bulguris (1935) video clip available

born 7 December 1935 in the village of Chiliodendro (Kastoria, northern Greece) Slavic Macedonian in Greece his father lost an arm during the civil war in Greece his mother was nearly beaten to death by government soldiers the family emigrated from Greece ... arrows 

Irini Bulgurisová (1943) video clip available

born on the 10th of February 1943 in the town of Maniaki (Kolorica in Macedonian) in northern Greece Slavic Macedonian in Greece during the Greek civil war her father fought for the Democratic Army of Greece (DSE) family moved out of Greece from 1948 Irini ... arrows 

Ilias Cumaropulos (1933) video clip available

born on 8 September, 1933 in the village of Velos in the Northern Greece the father Milkiadis Cumaropulos died in the Greek civil war fighting for DSE along with his brother Tomas emigrated from Greece in 1948 the mother with two siblings remained in Greece ... arrows 

Angelina Čmolová, roz. Lafazanovska (1940)

born 22 May 1940 in Moschochory, Greece her father emigrated to Albania during the Greek Civil War the witness and her sister were transported to a friendly Socialist country – Czechoslovakia the family was never reunited grew up in Czechoslovak children’s ... arrows 

Ekaterini Dimoschaki (1928)

born 5th May 1928 in Greek Macedonia father Greek, mother Slavic Macedonian 1945, left with her father to current-day FYROM/Republic of Macedonia 1948, left to Buljkes, Yugoslavia, after the borders were closed; met her husband there her mother and older ... arrows 

Nikolaos Dumalas (1942)

Born on the 6th of August 1942 in northeastern Greece. 1947 fled with his mother to Bulkes, his father died during the civil war. Spring 1948, arrived in Czechoslovakia with a transport of children. Until 1956 went through several children's homes. 1965 ... arrows 

Martha Elefteriadu (1946)

born in 1946 in Buljkes (Yugoslavia) grew up in Czechoslovak children’s homes studied medicine, or rather psychology had a musical career with her sister Tena as the duo Martha & Tena since 1970, almost a score of LPs and CDs of popular music, frequently with ... arrows 



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