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1945 - 1947 Expulsion of Germans from former German East territories

Related epochs

The Second world war 1939 - 1945 (6911)

List of witnesses

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Jitka Borkovcová (1936) video clip available

Born on December 18, 1936, in Prague Father was a traffic policeman, during the war he left the gendarmerie In 1948 - as a non-communist – her father lost his job at the police Witness started to study a grammar school in 1952 Graduated in 1955 Worked at ... arrows 

Jiří Čechura (1933)

born in 1933 in Dolany into a family of a shoemaker and a worker took entrance examination for the grammar school in Pilsen in 1943 taught at the national school in Černošín and in village schools in Trpísty and Rozvadov in 1954 accused of setting the school ... arrows 

Věra Čepelová, roz. Vokatá (1935)

born 3rd March 1935 only child of Mr. and Mrs. Vokatý of Lidice destruction of Lidice father executed, mother interned in concentration camp Věra chosen for re-education, grew up in adoptive family 1946 found in Germany as part of repatriation of Lidice ... arrows 

Olga Fialová (1927 - 2018)

born February 9th, 1927 in Prague her father Martin Rais, a member of the Petition Committee Faithful We Remain, was imprisoned in Germany from 1942 to 1945 after the war, her father was vice chairman of the Settlement Bureau, and he organised the official ... arrows 

Annelore Finková (1940)

born on 19 July 1940 as Annelore Miszich in the city of Lyck in Eastern Prussia (today Elk in north-eastern Poland) grew up in Königsberg/Kaliningrad her father drafted to the Wehrmacht in 1939; fell in 1945 her family was expelled in the spring of 1945 spent ... arrows 

Antonie Fryštacká (1924)

born on October 30, 1924 in Vacenovice near Kyjov 1930 enrolled in the elementary school in her native Vacenovice 1938 began working on a forest seed-plot in Vacenovice 1944 was ordered to go Germany to do forced labour there, but she evaded it thanks to ... arrows 

Erika Gajová (1931)

born 8 February 1931 in Hindenburg in Silesia, now Zabrze in Poland 1945, liberated by the Soviet army, handed over to the Polish army her German father was deported to forced labour in mines in Ukraine the witness and her mother and two siblings were evicted ... arrows 

Willi Gerlach (1932)

Born in 1932 in Baudach, district of Crossen In February 1945, the family fled from the advancing Red Army They returned to Baudach in May 1945 They were expatriated in the summer of 1945, at first they went to Berlin, then to Saxony-Anhalt Completed primary ... arrows 

Erika Herudková (1939)

born on 10 June 1939 in Bolatice in the Hlučín region by that time, the region was already annexed by the Third Reich her father owned an inn and had to join the NSDAP in January 1945 her ill father was drafted to the Wehrmacht, later dying in Soviet ... arrows 

Eliška Hronová (1926)

born 1926 in Slavonice in a Czech-German family with 10 siblings autumm 1938 – spent several days in a camp for Czech deportees in Třešť 1938–1944 lived in Slavonice with her parents and younger siblings 1944–45 worked for BEAG – branch of the Baťa company in ... arrows 



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