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6. 6. 1944 - Overlord

Related epochs

The Second world war 1939 - 1945 (6911)

List of witnesses

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Erwin Baránek (1925) video clip available

Born in 1925 in Hněvošice in the region of Hlučínsko Minority of the Moravci Sudice RAD (Reichsarbeitsdienst) Enrolled in the Wehrmacht in August 1943 Patrolled a sub-marine base in the port of La Pallice 16. 12. 1944 fell into captivity POW camps in ... arrows 

Second Lieutenant (ret.) Alexander Burger (1922) video clip available

Born on 20 April, 1922 in a village of Ratkovské Bystré in the former Czechoslovakia 1940 – left to France via so called Balkan path Taken to Lebanon Beirut to the Czechoslovak Army Left to Southern French Marseille In May 1940 presented as a soldier of the ... arrows 

Harry Feinberg (1920 - 2014)

narodil se v roce 1920 v Minsku v roce 1921 rodina emigrovala do USA v roce 1942 odveden do americké armády k tankistům 16. července 1944 se vylodil v Normandii svědkem osvobození koncentračního tábora Ohrdruf podílel se na osvobození západní části ... arrows 

Miroslav Fišer (1925 - 2014) video clip available

Born on January 14, 1925, in Rychvald Enrolled in the Wehrmacht in 1943 Assigned to the German Navy (Kriegsmarine) Served on a ship that escorted merchant vessels After his vessel was sunk by the Allies, he joined the French partisans Joined the ... arrows 

Miroslav Hladil (1919 - 2017)

born 1919 in Brno 1940, escaped from the Protectorate through Slovakia and Hungary to France joined the Czechoslovak army took part in the siege of Dunkirk during the war: ranked as senior officer cadet, after the war: first lieutenant, after 1989: promoted ... arrows 

Oto Horovič (1922 - 2004)

he was born on December 24th 1922 in Nove Zamky in Slovakia he attended high school in Bratislava, found his first job there too in 1940 he decided to run away from Slovakia he got captured in Italy and spent three years in a concentration camp he managed to ... arrows 

Harry Jacobs (1924)

narodil se v roce 1924 vystudoval Georgetown University 1943 vstoupil do americké armády, absolvoval zpravodajský výcvik červen 1944 vylodil se v Normandii zúčastnil se bojů v Evropě v rámci 4. obrněné divize 11. května 1945 překročil demarkační linii u ... arrows 

Colonel (ret.) Adolf Kaleta (1925 - 2018) video clip available

born 1925 in Albrechtice the Polish and German takeover of the Těšín region the family accepts Volksliste n. 3 drafted to the wehrmacht after the Allied landing in Normandy crossed over to the British side joined the Czechoslovak Independent Brigade took ... arrows 

Hanuš Korda (1917)

Born on the 2nd of November 1917 in Prague, to a wealthy Jewish family. In 1937 he studied in Denmark. In 1938 he moved to Britain, persuaded his parents to also emigrate. Went through several jobs before the war started. Joined the Czechoslovak army. ... arrows 

Hanuš Kotek (???? - 2002)

Born in Teplice. Father was of Jewish origin, carried out the trade of knitted goods;his mother came from a baker’s family in Jičín. Attended German schools. Fled to Great Britain via Poland shortly after the occupation. Enlisted in the Czechoslovak army in ... arrows 



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