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16. 12. 1989 - 24-25. 12. 1989 - The Romanian revolution

Related epochs

The Eighties - 1980 - 1989 (1255)

List of witnesses

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Jan Doskočil (1965)

born on 25 May 1965 in Hradec Králové following graduation in 1983 and unsuccessful attempts to get accepted to high school he worked as a manual worked and later a sanitary worker in 1985 began studying Medical faculty of the Charles University in Hradec ... arrows 

János Kokes (1952)

Born on 19 October, 1952 in a village of Horna Kralova in a region Šaľa, in the South of Slovakia Parents of Hungarian nationality In 1972–1977 studied languages at the philosophical faculty in Bucharest After 1975 entered the communist party After 1977 ... arrows 

Monsignor Václav Mašek (1941)

born in 1941 in the village Gernik in the Banát region in Rumania was ordained a priest in 1968 in 1968–1977 served as a priest in Moldava in 1977–1999 served as a priest in his native Gernik since 1999 still serving as a dean in Eibenthal ... arrows 

prof. MUDr., DrSc. Zdeněk Mraček (1930) video clip available

born January 6, 1930 in Pilsen, spent his childhood in Carpathian Ruthenia his father was an officer in the Czechoslovak army September 1948 – commemoration ceremony for the deceased president Edvard Beneš organized by students was seen as an anti-communist ... arrows 

Gheorghe Ion Munteanu (1920)

born in the village of Bărbătești, county Gorj, on January 1st 1920 arrested by the Secret Police on January the 6th 1959 sentenced to 15 years hard labour, 7 years loss of civic rights and 70 lei legal charges was detained successively in Craiova, Gherla, ... arrows 

Pavel Štingl (1960)

born on June 16, 1960 in Prague son of the camerawoman Věra Štinglová graduated from the department of documentary filmmaking of the Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU) documentarist, director, producer founder of the film ... arrows 



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