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8. - 11. 10. 1950 - Trial against F.A.Stříteský, head of the piarist dormitory in Litomyšl

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The Fifties - 1948 - 1959 (2659)

List of witnesses

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Miloslav Bulva (1932)

he was born on November 30th 1932 in Litomyšl he joined the Scouting organization in 1945 he was a member of the revolt group which was printing and publishing leaflets he was arrested in 1950, sentenced to one year 1950-1951 he stayed in the youth ... arrows 

Dagmar Chlebounová (1932)

born February 8th 1932 in Litomyšl 1947–1950 – studying Higher School of Social Work in Litomyšl and Pardubice 1949 – attended several meetings of the Hvězda group September 16th 1950 arrested October 9-11th 1950 tried in a case against an alleged anti-state ... arrows 

Václav Jozefy (1934)

born on 8th April 1934 1944-1950: attended public grammar school in Litomyšl 1949: joined student group called "Hvězda" May 1950: was expelled on the basis of his alleged state seditious activities October 1950: sentenced to 6 months in prison for grouping ... arrows 

Miloslav Kohout (1930 - 2009)

he was born in Litomyšl town on December 21st 1930 on the Christmas day 1948 he co-organized the student boycott of the general strike spring of 1949 - he wrote rousing leaflet Colleagues, directed against the pressure of the ČSM (Czechoslovak Youth ... arrows 

Jiří Kopřiva (1932)

He was born on April 17th, 1932 in the village Běstovice by the town Choceň. He began his Gymnasium studies in 1943. He participated on the general strike sabotage in 1948 In 1949 he advocated the leaflet named Colleagues, produced as a protest against the ... arrows 

Miroslav Matějka (1932)

born in Morašice (nearby Litomyšl) on February 12, 1932 1943-1950 studies at the Litomyšl grammar school joined the Litomyšl student opposition group ATA in the summer of 1949 expelled from grammar school one day prior to the school-leaving exam on the grounds ... arrows 

Ing. Karel Metyš (1932 - 2018)

political prisoner, born November 4th, 1932 in Litomyšl from the family of an influential Litomyšl musician and pastor of the Czechoslovak Hussite Church Jaromír Metyš in 1949 while still underage he was arrested, in October 1950 sentenced with a group of 23 ... arrows 

Alena Posltová (1930)

Born on 1 June, 1930, in Litomyšl. Member of a girl-brigade of the Boy Scouts since 1945. Took part in the boycott of the general strike of the trade unions just a day before the takeover of power by the Communists. Was present at a meeting of the group ... arrows 



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