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22. 8. 1963 – Start of court restitutions

Related epochs

The Sixties - 1960 - 1969 (2095)

List of witnesses

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Anděla Černá (1935) video clip available

born 22 June 1935 in the village of Vranín her family owned a farm in Vranín her father Jan Nevoral spent eight month during WW2 in prison in Jihlava her father Jan Nevoral joined an anti-Communist resistance group led by Gustav Smetana Gustav Smetana’s group ... arrows 

Rudolf Dobiáš (1934) video clip available

he was born on September 29, 1934 in Dobrá near Trenčín in a peasant family in his youth he was a scout and he held a function of the squad’s counsellor in Trenčianska Teplá after the ban of scouting, their squad tried to work illegally also by issuing prohibited ... arrows 

Jaroslav Haidler (1933)

born the 14th of June 1933 in Liberec 1938, family forced to move from Liberec to Říčany near Prague 1945, family moved to Frýdlant, into a house belonging to expelled Germans 1952, expelled from seventh year at grammar school, worked in the textile-machine ... arrows 

Věra Chudobová (1944) video clip available

born September 5, 1944 in Kunčice her father JUDr. Alois Ruprecht was a judge in 1948 her father refused to sentence several men in Šumperk according to the demands of the political regime in power August 10, 1954 her father was arrested by the State Security ... arrows 

Professor Zdeněk Jičínský (1929)

born on 26 February, 1929 in Ostřešany near Pardubice attended gymnasium in 1948 started the Faculty of Law of the Charles University in 1948 entered the communist party in 1954–1964 taught at the high school of the central committee of the communist party in ... arrows 

Helena Kosková (1935)

Born in 1935 in Prague in a mixed Czech-Jewish family Father Otto Fischl was a diplomat in the GDR in the years 1949-1951 1951 - sister Eva emigrated to Germany 1951 - father arrested 1952 - father sentenced to death in the trial with R. Slánský, executed ... arrows 

Karel Lánský (1924) video clip available

born 6 July 1924 in Staňkov childhood spent in poverty in rural southern Bohemia 1939–1943, trained as a tailor in Prague 1943–1945, forced labour at Walter Motors in Prague, also at Ruzyně airport May 1945, resistance fighter during the Prague Revolt from ... arrows 

Marta Laudátová (1947)

Marta Laudátová was born Svobodová in Bosonohy near Brno on 13 April 1947 Her father Zdeněk Svoboda was arrested on 10 January 1949 and taken to the prison in Uherské Hradiště He returned from prison in 1955 1962 – Having finished the primary school she started ... arrows 

Marta Lihotská, rod. Kobelová (1933)

born on July 4, 1933, spent her childhood in Prievidza comes from a Christian family, in 1950 her brother Rudolf Kobela emigrated abroad and became a priest she became a member of the secret religious group “Handmaids of the Mother of God” after the group as ... arrows 

Antonín Loucký (1926 - 2009)

born April 22, 1926 World War Two German war refugees local village committees after the communist coup studied grammar school in Slaný collectivization of farms region of Slaný ... arrows 



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