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31. 5. – 8. 6. 1950 – Milada Horáková’s trial

Related epochs

The Fifties - 1948 - 1959 (2659)

List of witnesses

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Zdeněk Adamec (1934 - 2017) video clip available

born February 9, 1934 in Prague his father owned a construction company during the war his father served in the Luftschutz anti-aircraft defence his father joined the resistance movement, involved in the Prague Uprising after 1948 his father lost his ... arrows 

Květoslava Bednářová (1924)

Born on 12 May, 1924 In 1928 her mum died In 1932 moved to Brno In 1939 deployed in Brno in operations run by Germans In 1946 married and had two sons In 1970s fired from job for alleged labour disputes, litigation Death of her husband Lives in Brno ... arrows 

Věra Čáslavská (1934)

born 18 January 1934 in Chrudim into the family of lawyer Vilém Novák her grandfather, Doctor Eduard Kudrnka, died in the 1950s when interrogated by State Security married Jaroslav Čáslavský, an anti-Communist who delivered documents to Milada Horáková in the ... arrows 

Václav Dubec (1929 - 2011)

born on 14th November 1929 in Volynia in the village of Ládovka 1944 joined the Czechoslovak army in the 1st tank brigade participation in the fights at Dukla, Krakow, Ostrava after the war settled in Bohemia, worked in the administration of the Federation of ... arrows 

JUDr. Jan Haluza (1914 - 2011)

born on 12th July 1914 in Šternov, today’s Újezd u Brna a political prisoner from South Moravia graduated at the Law Faculty in Brno in 1939, just before the German occupation a legendary athlete – the first and only trainer of Emil Zátopek after 1945, a ... arrows 

Miroslav Hrubý (1928)

born on 24th February 1928 in Běleč his father arrested during the World War II for cover-up of a transmitter their family had good relations with the family of Milada Horáková in 1951 arrested as a member of an anti-state group because of his writings ... arrows 

Vladimír Chlupáč (1930 - 2015)

political prisoner born on 16th April 1930 in Jindřichův Hradec, grew up also in Kunžak and Strmilov during his studies in Tábor, established an anti-regime group with four fellow students March 1949, the whole group arrested with the state police on the basis ... arrows 

Emílie Jarmarová (1921)

born January 17th 1921 in Bakovce in Volhynia attended school in Bakovce, learning in Polish and Czech during the war sent information from her house to a Russian partisan group 1944 joined Czechoslovak army corps, assigned to anti-aircraft artillery as a ... arrows 

Jiří Ješ (1926 - 2011)

Born on 19 June 1926 His father was a member of the Interim National Assembly and the Constituent National Assembly was a forced laborer during the Second World War, returned to school after the end of the war. A graduate of the Business College A press ... arrows 

Marta Jurková (1940)

pastor of the Czechoslovak Hussite Church born July 1st 1940 in Prague daughter of important postwar national socialist politician František Přeučil, who was sentenced to life imprisonment in the trial with Milada Horáková childhood and youth of Marta and her ... arrows 



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