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11. 12. 1949 – The “Čihošť Miracle”

Related epochs

The Fifties - 1948 - 1959 (2659)

List of witnesses

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Bernard Bokor (1924 - 2013) video clip available

born November 28, 1924 in the Piešťany district in Slovakia his parents went to work in Argentina, he was brought up by his grandmother Catholic education bishop grammar school in Trnava, teaching institute, theological seminary in Svätý Kríž Action K spent ... arrows 

Karel Fořt (1921 - 2014) video clip available

born November 8, 1921 in Rožmitál pod Třemšínem childhood in Vodňany, later in Horažďovice grammar school in Strakonice and České Budějovice active in scouting, led a scout troop in České Budějovice 1940 arrested by the Gestapo, briefly imprisoned 1941 ... arrows 

Jan Josef Kohl (1928 - 2013)

born February 21st, 1928 in Suchý Důl near Police nad Metují 1949 accepted into the Benedictine Order April 1950 interned in Hejnice joined the Auxiliary Technical Battalions from 1954, worked mainly as manual worker from 1968 studied at a theological ... arrows 

Adolf Rázek (1930 - 2018)

born 1930 in Horní Jelení after the war became a member of the Catholic scout troop in Prague-Modřany learned the mechanic’s trade and studied electrical communication at the Czech Technical University after February 1948 involved in publishing illegal Catholic ... arrows 

Ing., CSc Prokop Šmirous (1939) video clip available

born August 29, 1939 in the village Leština u Světlé the family owned a large farm in Leština u Světlé his father Prokop Šmirous Sr. was sentenced to twelve years of imprisonment on May 19, 1951 their property was confiscated and the family was evicted his ... arrows 

Štěpán Vašíček (1927 - 2017)

born December 21st , 1927 in Vnorovy in the Hodonín district studied an electro-technical school in Bzenec in 1949 contemplated escape from the country, eventually drafted to the tank unit with the “politically untrustworthy” reference during a political ... arrows 



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