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21. 6. 1949 – Execution of General Heliodor Píka

Related epochs

The Fifties - 1948 - 1959 (2659)

List of witnesses

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ThDr. Antonín Huvar (1922 - 2009)

born in 1922 in Albrechtičky 1947 ordained a priest 1947-1948 ecclesiastical service in Vizovice (distribution of newsletters, open critique of the regime) in September 1948 sentenced to 10 years in prison 1958 - 1967 worked as a fish warden 1967 regained ... arrows 

Miloslav Jirsa (1910)

He was born on January 14th, 1910 in Tábor to a family of a tobacco dealer. He worked in the tobacco business, during the 30´s he spent some time in Constantinople. After the German occupation of Czechoslovakia he immigrated to Turkey. He joined the ... arrows 

Colonel František Kaplan (1921 - 2013)

born November 9, 1921 in The Hague in the Netherlands his father Josef Kaplan worked in the diplomatic service stay in Marseille and Bucharest 1939 – his father left Bucharest for Prague, František Kaplan remained in Bucharest with Heliodor Píka February 1940 ... arrows 

Josef Klesa (1921)

born March 10th 1921 in Cheb trained as a clockmaker and goldsmith 1942 sent to forced labour to Breslau in Germany from 1946 working as a warden in Pilsen-Bory and in Cheb (1 year) 1946 joined the Communist Party, left the Party before 1948 and became a ... arrows 

Marie Klusáčková (1939)

born 20 July 1939 in Brno from 1938, her parents lived in Romania after the outbreak of WW2 in 1939, the family was part of a Romanian group of Czechoslovaks organised by General Heliodor Píka, which escaped to England; her father was active in the foreign ... arrows 

Josef Kovářík (1927)

born on 19th November 1927 in Jouet sur l´Aubois in France during the war studied in Brno for a waiter on 1st October 1949 jointed up the military service in the 4th tank troop in Žatec, whose commandant was Captain Karel Sabela participant in the Žatec putsch, ... arrows 

Václav Kříž (1925)

political prisoner, born 16th November 1925 in Semice at Písek of smallholder descent in the army during February 1948, attempted to flee the country in May arrested near the borders, interrogated at various places by the OBZ (Defence Intelligence) sentenced ... arrows 

Stanislav Lekavý (1930) video clip available

born May 10, 1930 in Josefov (Hodonín district) December 22, 1948 sentenced to two years for distribution of anticommunist pamphlets imprisoned in Cejl in Brno, in Uherské Hradiště, Pilsen-Bory, Dolní Jiřetín and in the Jáchymov region in Cejl met Antonín Zemek ... arrows 

Josef Mašín (1932) video clip available

born March 8, 1932 in Prague in the family of lieutenant colonel Josef Mašín the family moved to Poděbrady during the occupation after February 1948 began fighting the new regime sabotage actions, stealing money and weapons, causing the death of several ... arrows 

Kazimír Morozovič (1936)

born January 12, 1937 in the village Rudňa Novenka near the town Shepetivka in Ukraine his father Lucian Morozovič was of Ukrainian origin, his mother was a Czech national the family lived in Ukraine and later in Russia near Buzuluk his mother was a widow when ... arrows 



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