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1948 – Action "DI" (Confidential: Israel)

Related epochs

Before the iron curtain fall - 1946 - 1949 (2032)

List of witnesses

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Petr Arton (1922)

Born on 1.1. 1922 in Warsaw into a German speaking Jewish family 1925 Moves to Czechoslovakia with his parents 1933 enrols in Czech Grammar School Father wants to flee to Bolivia in face of Nazi threat 28.4.1939 illegally crosses Polish borders with his ... arrows 

Erich (Eliahu) Brodavka (1925 - 2011)

born in Ostrava into a mixed Czech-German Jewish family transported to Palestine witnessed the sinking of the Patria ship entered the Czechoslovak Army in Palestine fought at Tobruk and Dunkerque left to Israel with the Czech Military Contingent (1949) a ... arrows 

Růžena Brösslerová roz. Vogelová (1927 - 2017)

born in a German speaking assimilated family in Deštnice near Žatec in 1938 she and her parents escaped inland to Řevničov in 1942–1944 living in the Terezín ghetto two weeks in Auschwitz transported to Metzdorf on the German side of the Giant Mountains to ... arrows 

Božena Cohenová (1913)

born Božena Alžběta Fieldman on 6th of August in 1913 in Uzhorod she had graduated high school in Uzhorod, then she had studied law at Charles University of Prague she worked as an attorney's clerk in Prague she emigrated with her husband to USSR via Slovakia ... arrows 

Rudolf Grossmann (1924)

born on the 25th of June, 1924 in Žilina Jewish family, father had a fashion wear shop attended a Jewish folk school, then a grammar school 1938 - his sister Aliza (1920-1993) moved to Palestine 1939 - Rudolf expelled from school, trained as an electrician ... arrows 

Colonel (ret.) Nori (Norbert) Harel (1929 - 2013)

Born in Bochum in Germany as Norbert Kurzberg later lived in Český Těšín Spent the War in the Soviet Union Trained as aircraft mechanic in Liberec Went to Israel in 1949 with Army Brigade Personal mechanic and friend of former Israeli president Ezer ... arrows 

Avraham Harshalom roz. Friedberg (1925) video clip available

Born in Pruzhany (Belarus) in 1925 Deported with parents and brother to Auschwitz in 1943 Worked with various work divisions in Auschwitz Attempted escape in June 1944, was included in a penal work division Deported in October 1944 to Crawinkel, Ohrdruf and ... arrows 

Paul (Mordechaj) Katriel (1929)

narozen v roce 1929 v Trenčíně na Slovensku v roce 1935 odešel s rodiči do Palestiny vyučil se strojním zámečníkem v mládí vstoupil do židovské podzemní armády – Hagany služba u námořnictva po vyhlášení izraelské nezávislosti vystudoval strojní inženýrství ... arrows 

Judita (Judith) Kellner-Tauberová (1943)

born 11 May 1943 in Palestine her father was Hainz Jakob Tauber, a doctor and officer who served in the Czechoslovak Foreign Army during WW2 several of her relatives died in concentration camps grew up in Nahariya and Haifa with her mother; 1946, the family was ... arrows 

Petr Lang (1924)

born in Jihlava taken to the Terezín ghetto in 1942 survived concentration camps Auschwitz and Kaufering labour camp in Litoměřice at the end of the war back in Terezín 1949 left for Israel with a Czechoslovak unit life in an Israeli kibbutz, experienced ... arrows 



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