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5.-10. 6. 1967 Six-Day War

List of witnesses

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Petr Deiml (1950)

born on September 28, 1950 in Prague both his parents were holocaust survivors study at a grammar school in Prague August 1968 – the family emigrated to Vienna September 1968 – leaving for Israel 1970 – graduation from grammar school 1970–1973 – military ... arrows 

Marie Feuersteinová (1922)

born 1 January 1922 as Marie Brücknerová grew up in Kobylice near Nechanice 1938–1942, attended a business academy in Hradec Králové 1947, employed at a trading company, met Karel Feuerstein, her future husband 1949, the Feuersteins emigrated to Israel ... arrows 

Maty Grunberg (1943)

he and his wife raised three children 2007 return to Israel art works and installations in Israel, England and U.S. working on the memorial site of Macedonian Jews in the Jewish cemetery Bitola in Macedonia ... arrows 

František Hroník (1929)

born 15 August 1929 in Bratislava 1946, founded the Union of Secondary School Studentry to counter the Czechoslovak Youth Union (later the Socialist Youth Union), threatened with expulsion from school 1950s, denied documentation confirming his successful ... arrows 

Judita (Judith) Kellner-Tauberová (1943)

born 11 May 1943 in Palestine her father was Hainz Jakob Tauber, a doctor and officer who served in the Czechoslovak Foreign Army during WW2 several of her relatives died in concentration camps grew up in Nahariya and Haifa with her mother; 1946, the family was ... arrows 

Michael Lax (1949)

born 23 January 1949 in Brno Jewish family, both his parents were Holocaust survivors active in the Jewish community in Brno his mother was a private tutor of languages, his father lost his business and worked in a warehouse 1966, first visit of relatives ... arrows 

Daniel Morgenstern (1942)

born on 3 December 1942 in Palestine on 13 March 1939, his parents fled Czechoslovakia many of his relatives died in concentration camps his father, a lawyer by training, made a living in Palestine in agriculture studied economy and political science worked ... arrows 

Hana Sternlicht (1930)

born 10 February 1930 in Prague as Hana Neumannová comes from an assimilated Jewish family living in Holice 1940, expelled from school; home-schooled 9 December 1942, deported to Terezín with her parents lived in the girls’ house L410 in Terezín 4 October ... arrows 



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