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21 September 1937 - Funeral of President Masaryk

List of witnesses

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Šošana Kohn roz. Weinberger (1924)

born on March 12, 1924 in Olomouc, grew up in Holešov Jewish family, supporting Zionism member of Maccabi Ha-tzair in Holešov and later a group leader (madricha) in March 1939 she went with a group of young Zioniss to Palestine lived in kibbutzim Degania, ... arrows 

Professor, PhDr. Stanislava Kučerová (1927)

born in 1927 in Hlohovec childhood in Machov and Náchod school years in Hradec Králové member of Sokol study of philosophy and comparative literature (world literatures) at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University in Prague pedagogical department of the ... arrows 

Ishka Lichter roz. Roudnická (1930)

born on August 5, 1930 in Kolín mixed Czech-Jewish family, non-religious upbringing, her father had a coal business from 1939 her parents lived separately, Ishka with her mother and brother moved to Vidlák June 1942 – her father was deported to Terezín, died in ... arrows 

Ing. Miloš Morávek (1932)

born on 12 June 1932 in Svobodné Dvory his family owned a renowned brick factory inside the factory complex, a mammoth skeleton was uncovered in 1951, the farmhouse and the factory were confiscated and the family expelled underwent military service with the ... arrows 

Emilie Novoměstská (1926)

born on January 30, 1926 into the Müller family in Lovčice in the Kyjov region completed higher elementary school in Ždánice in 1934 in 1942 she became involved in illegal activity, bringing milk for people who were hiding in the rectory in Ždánice her uncle ... arrows 

Jenovefa Poňuchálková (1924)

born 1924 as Jenovefa Bušková 1930, started attending elementary school in Prušánky 1942, in Prague when Reinhard Heydrich was assassinated 1945, direct witness of the retreating front of the Bratislava-Brno Operation 1953, she and her husband were forced to ... arrows 

Miroslav Šlechta (1928)

born 2 August 1928 in Přestavlky, Chrudim District grew up with his parents and two brothers in Česká Třebová his father earned a living as a vulcaniser influenced by President Masaryk’s writings, the Bible, and Karel Čapek’s Discussions with TGM trained as a ... arrows 

Miroslav Toms (1931)

born on 5 July 1931 in Benátky nad Jizerou grew up in Turnov, later in Hradec Králové and since 1937 in Prague studied at a grammar school in Truhlářská street; graduated in 1950 witnessed the shelling of Prague in February 1945 got married for the first time ... arrows 



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