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1945 - Arrests of Russian émigrés by the agents of SMERSH

List of witnesses

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Dimitri Rafalský (1930)

born in 1930 in Prague into a family of Russian exiles in May 1945, his father and uncle were abducted by the SMERSH, disappearing without a trace in 1956 his uncle was released from the Gulag Dimitrij's mother was able to obtain permits for her brother to move ... arrows 

Věra Sosnarová (1931)

born on 5th May in 1931 in Brno in May 1945 she was deported to Siberia at age of 14 together with her younger sister Nada, who was 9 years old, and mother Ljuba she spent 20 years in Gulag together, 8 years in different labor wood camps, she cut wood 12 hours a ... arrows 



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