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29. 7. - 14. 8. 1948 Summer Olympics in London

List of witnesses

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Marie Ďurovičová, roz. Kovářová (1927) video clip available

born on the 11th May 1927 in Luleč successful athlete with the Sokol organization 1948 Olympic games, gold medal in team gymnastics death of teammate Eliška Misáková in a London hospital after 1948 employed in a drug store in Prague, then shortly as a trainer ... arrows 

Ján Zachara (1928)

born on August 27, 1928 1943 beginnings of his boxing career 1945 his father was sent to the concentration camp in Ravensbrück 1946 got to finals of All-Slavonic Championship in Prague 1952 won an Olympic gold in featherweight during the Summer Olympics in ... arrows 



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