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September 1939- occupation of the entire Upper Silesia by Germany

List of witnesses

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Marta Heczko (1931)

she was born on November 24, 1931 in Pruchna (Cieszyn Silesia) she comes from a peasant family, which had a 27-hectare farm her parents, coming from Pruchna, run the farm Marta was the oldest of six children before an outbreak of World War II, she completed ... arrows 

Gertruda Jurečková (1924)

born 21 August 1924 in Ludgeřovice, Hlučín District aged fourteen, began working at a chocolate factory in Ostrava 1938, Hlučín District was annexed to Germany and she was assigned to forced labour near Lüben completed a medical course and worked in German ... arrows 

Helena (Halina) Kula (1936)

born on May 10, 1936 in Kończyce Małe in Cieszyn Silesia, Poland she comes from working-class family which have lived in Cieszyn Silesia for generations, her father worked for many years in Hard Coal Mine in Czechowice Dziedzice, mother was a housewife she ... arrows 

Maria Kuś (1931)

born on September 8, 1931 in Gogołowa, currently Wodzisław District in Silesian Voivodeship she comes from working-class family, they have lived in Upper Silesia for generations her father run his own carpenter’s workshop, mother was a housewife she attended ... arrows 

Karel Sikora (1934)

born on the 5th of February in Český Těšín graduated from a business school in 1951 and was assigned to a job in Třinecké železárny refused to participate in the wake held for Stalin and was fired immediately worked as a miner in the Klement Gottwald mine in ... arrows 

Czesława Smołka (1932)

she was born on May 25, 1932 in Zebrzydowice, currently Cieszyn Silesia district in Silesian province she comes from Chabiniok family, which has lived for generations in Cieszyn Silesia, Czesława’s grandma came from Ostrava her mother Stefania came from ... arrows 

Gerard Tatarczyk (1929)

he was born on April 15, 1929 in Wilchwy, currently a quarter of Wodzisław Śląski, Wodzisław district (Silesian province) he comes from a peasant family, they had a 5-hectare farm his father, Antoni Tatarczyk and his mother, Józefa nee Wuwer came from the area of ... arrows 

Wanda (Berta) Wija (1925)

she was born on April 24, 1925 in Zebrzydowice, in Cieszyn district (Silesian province) she comes from Nachły family, which has lived for many generations in Cieszyn Silesia, Wanda’s mother, Emilia nee Walica, was born in Zaolzie, her father Antoni Nachły came ... arrows 



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