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1966-1969 Cultural Revolution

List of witnesses

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Sebastián Košút (1941)

born on November 16, 1941 in Čierna Hora (pol. Czarna Góra) 1965 he was ordained a priest in Warsaw imprisoned in years 1969 – 1970 as an organizer of an anticommunist movement during the normalization era he emigrated to Italy 1987 – meeting the later ... arrows 

Vladimír Nádraský (1945)

born in Prague on 27th July 1945 in 1949 his father was assigned to build a machine and tractor point in Chlumec nad Cidlinou, the family moved to East Bohemia in 1956 his father went to China to help the Farm of Chinese-Czech Friendship in the same year the ... arrows 



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