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1 November 1955 – 30 April 1975 - Vietnam War

List of witnesses

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RNDr. Michal Hron (1949)

born on the 18th of June 1949 in Prague graduated from the Maths and Physics Faculty of Charles University spent the years 1972-1990 working as a programmer for the IT centre of the Textilana company in Liberec distributed Charter 77 and the declaration of ... arrows 

Dao Le Quang (1965)

born on 1 August, 1965 in Thanh Dinh, Vietnam, 80 kilometers north of Hanoi from a poor family of the teacher Le Diên Co his eight siblings died as a result of poverty and the use of chemical weapons during the Vietnam War in Vietnam he studied chemistry at a ... arrows 

Ing. Milan Uhlíř (1958) video clip available

born September 18, 1958 in Brno graduated from the College of Agriculture in Brno Catholic community in the Jeseník region distribution of samizdat teacher at the secondary vocational school of agriculture in Horní Heřmanice fired from his job due to his ... arrows 

Dan Vu (1957) video clip available

born 25 May 1957 in Hanoi, North Vietnam experienced the Vietnam War witnessed the so-called Christmas bombing of Hanoi in 1972 1975, left to Czechoslovakia trained as an electrician managed Vietnamese workers in various companies 1990, began his own ... arrows 



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