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1991 - 1995 - Croatian War of Independence

List of witnesses

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Emil Bartoš (1938)

Born on 5th September, 1938 in Končenice in today´s Croatia Went to the Czech school for six years Parents were farmers, took over their farm In 1958 - 1960 in the army in Varaždin and then Postojna in Slovenia After military service married Zdenka Husáková ... arrows 

Bohumil Benák (1932)

Born on 8 May, 1932 in a village of Lipovec (Ljudevit Selo) in today´s Croatia Comes from Czech family Lived in Lipovec all his life, which is almost totally Czech village Parents had a large farm, which Bohumil took over In 1938 his father was called to the ... arrows 

Krunoslav Keteleš (1972)

Born on 19 February, 1972 in Vukovar in the former Croatia Following secondary school of agriculture he started veterinary studies at high school In 1991, when the war broke out in former Yugoslavia, he was at obligatory military service Sent to the front to ... arrows 

Emílie Koudelová (1926)

born 8 November 1926 in Veliki Bastaji in current-day Croatia her parents were Czech immigrants beginning of WW2, worked as a seamstress in Belgrade, left shortly before the bombing in April 1941 January 1942, moved to Leipzig, Germany to find a job; later ... arrows 

Justina Koutníková (1935)

Born on 5 August, 1935 in the Czech family in Ivanovo Selo The village was founded around 1825 the Czech immigrants and until today almost all families there are of Czech origin Attended Croatian and Czech school Studied five-year teacher´s institute in ... arrows 

Ing. Dejan Pulejkovič (1946)

Born on 11 January, 1946 in Belgrade in Serbia - former Yugoslavia In his youth devoted himself to top level of water polo Studied gymnasium In 1964–1971 studied the Geological faculty at the Belgrade university In 1970 got married and his first daughter was ... arrows 

Marie Selicharová (1945)

Born on 7 August, 1945 in Končenice in today´s Croatia Her parents, the Kadlecs, come from Czech families, which came to Croatia in the second half of 19th century Went to Czech school in Končenice and in Daruvar In 1964 graduated in the Czech department of the ... arrows 

Zora Sigalová (1938)

Born on 14 October, 1938 in a village of Tešanjka in today´s Bosnia and Hercegovina as the third out of four siblings Her mother comes from Unhošť, daddy from Sarajevo and at the end of 1920s studied in Czechoslovakia After wedding parents left to Bosnia, where ... arrows 

Drahuška Šulentićová (1935)

Born on 4th February, 1935 in Malé Zdence in today´s Croatia Comes from Czech family of Pařízeks, her ancestors came from Bohemia at the end of the 19th century Father died at the end of WW2, family suffered from many tragedies In 1946 almost all relatives ... arrows 

Richard Vyškovský (1929)

born 13 July 1929 in Vienna into a Czech family remembers the Anschluss of Vienna 1942, forced to switch to a Czech school in Prague due to his descent; stayed at an uncle’s remembers the Prague Uprising and the departure of Schörner’s army from Prague 1946, ... arrows 



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