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18 December 2011 Václav Havel died

List of witnesses

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MUDr. Jana Dominika Bohušová (1954)

born December 21, 1954 in Frýdek-Místek doctor-pediatrician contemplative nun of Dominican sisters professor Růžena Vacková, whose ‘home seminars’ she was regularly attending, became her godmother during the confirmation ceremony got acquainted with Oto Mádr ... arrows 

Marketa Goetz-Stankiewicz (1927)

15th February born in Liberec 1935 - 1948 the family live in Místek in Northern Moravia 1942 - 1945 works in the Photographic Studio Doda 1944 - 1945 her father imprisoned in Theresienstadt September 1948 the family emigrate to Canada 1950 - 1955 Markéta ... arrows 

Jiří Jírů (1946)

30th July 1946 was born in Prague 20th August 1968 left for Belgium, prior to his departure was an assistent to his uncle, the photographer Václav Jírů 21 years worked as a photographer for prestigious American magazines. was sent to the USSR to photograph ... arrows 

Helena Kašperová (1948)

born on 14 March 1948 in Dobříš in 1949 the communist government expropriated her family’s shop and factory 1966 – 1968 worked in the Motorlet company since 1967 member of group of friends of Semafor theater in 1969 moved from Dobříš to Prague up until ... arrows 

Helena Medková (1946)

born 10 February 1946 into a teacher’s family studied the piano at conservatoire and the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague made the acquaintance of Ivan Medek 1978, emigrated married Ivan Medek, lived in Vienna helped her husband organise support for ... arrows 

Jana Němečková (1936) video clip available

born in 1936 in Spálené Poříčí took part in the uprising in Pilsen in June 1953 nurse – worked in the children’s home in Kdyně, in the pediatric clinic in Pilsen, in the pediatric surgery ward of the University Hospital in Pilsen and in a dentist’s office Girl ... arrows 

Emil Paleček (1930)

born on 3 October, 1930 in 1955 finished studies and started the Biophysical Institute AV CR in Brno in 1960 published in a prestigious scientific magazine Nature and got invited to Harvard despite trying to travel repeatedly, the regime did not allow him to ... arrows 

PhDr. Agáta Pilátová, roz. Csehilyová (1938) video clip available

Born on 17 October, 1938 in Ruthenian teacher´s family in Uzhgorod In 1947 the family left to Czechoslovakia Graduated from the Philosophical faculty of the Charles University, Czech language and literature, aesthetics and journalism Worked in the media as a ... arrows 

Hrabě Jan Podstatzky - Lichtenstein (1937)

born August 13, 1937 in Janovice near Rýmařov from 1937 until 1948 he was raised together with his two siblings in the chateau in Velké Meziříčí his father was active in anti-Nazi resistance during World War Two the family’s entire property was confiscated ... arrows 

Adolf Řehoř (1935)

born 1935 1939, his father joined a Communist resistance group 1941, started a Czech school in Jevíčko 1941, removal of the bells of the town tower in Jevíčko to be used by the German army 1942, deportation of Jews from Jevíčko to Terezín his father died in ... arrows 



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