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6 June 1944 – mid-July 1944 - Invasion of Normandy

List of witnesses

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Marianne Karešová (1931)

born 15 January 1931 in Avion 1943, forced to watch the execution of a partisan group that included three of her classmates 1954, met her future husband, a Pole 1960s, her husband was deported to Poland 1963, Marianne moved to Poland with her children to look ... arrows 

Edeltraud Slabáková (1940)

born on 26 January, 1940 in Oskava German origins the father, Karel Molzer, served in Wehrmacht family was not listed for German resettlement several times asked for additional departure to Germany due to German nationality the witness was bullied by ... arrows 

Lieutenant Colonel (ret.) Josef Švarc (1926)

born in Lupenice (Rychnov nad Kněžnou area) sent to work in Germany with the Todt organization in 1943 transferred to work in Normandy in 1944 following the Allies’ disembarkment in 1944 he used the occasion to escape got to Great Britain through Marseille ... arrows 



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