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July 7, 1961 - fire in the mine Dukla

List of witnesses

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Jaroslav Čihař (1935)

born on April 27, 1935 in Michalovce in May 1945 witnessed the liberation of Pilsen by the US Army in 1950 responded to the so-called Lány campaign (recruitment of boys for work in coal mines) admitted to the vocational school for miners in the Dukla mine in ... arrows 

Josef Pukowiec (1929) video clip available

born in January 1929 in Karviná-Sovinec his father was a miner in the Karviná region learnt to be a mining machinery fitter in 1945 sent to Germany to do forced labour, escaped during the bombardment of Dreden worked in the Czechoslovak Army Mine in the ... arrows 



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