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Fights with Bandera's forces

List of witnesses

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Boleslav Fiala (1929) video clip available

born on 24 December, 1929 in Moravská Huzová a member of Sokol in Moravská Huzová in 1949 secret police arrested three of his mates from the Industrial school of woodworking and construction in Olomouc in October 1950 placed in the 53rd PTP in PTP worked in ... arrows 

RNDr. Kristina Jojková (1941)

Born in 1941 in a village of Lukové, region Sanok, in south-eastern Poland Parents of Ukraine nationality In 1946 escaped to Slovakia against increasing pressure of the Polish regime Spent a year in Eastern Slovakia with relatives In 1947 escaped to Prague ... arrows 

Blažena Knoppová, rod. Riesová (1931)

born on October 20, 1931 in Špania Dolina noticed the horrors of war through hiding of her brother Jozef at home in a potato pit during the Slovak National Uprising, the whole family helped to partisans 1946 she left to Krnov in Sudetes, where her uncle gained ... arrows 

František Motyčka (1924) video clip available

born on 8th May 1924 in Palešnik, Moslavina region, Croatia member of a youth organisation called SKOJ (Savez komunističke omladine) joined the Yugoslavian partisans in April 1944 re-emigrated to Czechoslovakia (Jiřice u Miroslavi) in 1946 has lived in ... arrows 

Ing., Colonel Jaroslav Piskáček (1926)

born April 5, 1926 in Pilsen his father Josef Piskáček – legionnaire, soldier by profession joined the anti-Nazi resistance movement – sending messages and gathering intelligence for the group Bílá hora (‘White Mountain’) actively involved in the Prague ... arrows 



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