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28.8. 1980 Holy Mass for strikers in the bus depot in Wrocław

List of witnesses

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Stanisław Orzechowski (1939)

born in Kobylin, 7.11.1939 passed the high school final exam at Wrocław Secondary Technical School of Building in 1957 he entered Seminary in Wrocław in 1958 and became a priest in 1964 a university priest since 1967 between 1968 and 1972 he studied ... arrows 

Tadeusz Rusnak (1953)

15.02.1953- birth in rural family in Siedlęcin near Jelenia Góra, In his youth he trained athletics in LZS Janowice Wielkie; Completion of the Mechanics Technical School in Jelenia Góra; Two years of studies at the Agricultural University (1973-1975); Meeting ... arrows 

Bogusław Ziobrowski (1957)

born in April 1957 in the working-class family brought up in the discipline style by his father, the ex-military after finishing vocational school he went to GDR to work manually after 8 months of working there he was elected the chairman of the group of Polish ... arrows 



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