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26.8. 1980 Solidarity strike in Wroclaw

List of witnesses

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Artur Fedorowski (1965)

He was born on 9 July 1965 in Wroclaw, Poland. In 1946 his mother’s family, coming from Wielkopolska, settled down in Wroclaw, his father’s family was resettled in the vicinity of Milicz in Lower Silesia from the Eastern borderlands. His father was a member of ... arrows 

Krzysztof Grzelczyk (1957)

He was born the 3rd of July, 1957 in Krosno Odrzanskie, Poland. He graduated from the Institute of Political Sciences at the University of Wrocław. He was active in the democratic opposition to the Polish Peoples Republic. In 1978-79, he was the spokesman for the ... arrows 

Andrzej Kiełczewski (1959)

Born on 08.05.1959 in Wroclaw, Poland In 1977 he began to study philosophy at the University of Wroclaw In 1970’s a member of a Student Committee of Solidarity in Wroclaw In August 1980 he took part in a strike at Grabiszyńska street in Wroclaw During the ... arrows 

Ewa Klosová (1953)

née Glowacka, born on March 26, 1956, in Poznan studied zootechnics in Poznan in 1980 actively joined the nascent Solidarita movement in 1985 she married Slovak Juraj Poci and they settled in Prague she worked in an experimental institute, where she took care ... arrows 

Wacław Masełko (1943)

born on 24th October, 1943 in Hodowica nearby Lviv, nowadays Ukraine, in 1945 , together with his family, he arrived in the so called Recovered Territories and settled down in Jagodno, near Wrocław, he completed basic vocational school in Wrocław, he worked in ... arrows 

Josef Nitra (1956)

born on 27 August 1956 in Frýdek attended a vocational school in Nové Mesto nad Váhom following graduation in 1975 he became professional soldier and was appointed deputy chair of the vocational school of communications in Nové Mesto at the turn of the 1970s ... arrows 

Stanisław Orzechowski (1939)

born in Kobylin, 7.11.1939 passed the high school final exam at Wrocław Secondary Technical School of Building in 1957 he entered Seminary in Wrocław in 1958 and became a priest in 1964 a university priest since 1967 between 1968 and 1972 he studied ... arrows 

Tadeusz Rusnak (1953)

15.02.1953- birth in rural family in Siedlęcin near Jelenia Góra, In his youth he trained athletics in LZS Janowice Wielkie; Completion of the Mechanics Technical School in Jelenia Góra; Two years of studies at the Agricultural University (1973-1975); Meeting ... arrows 

Tomasz Surowiec (1949 - 2016)

Born on 5 March 1949 in Łódź, Poland Graduated from the Basic Vocational School in Łask, speciality: driver/mechanic, In years 1971-76 he worked as a bus driver in the Municipal Transport Company (MTC) in Łódź, From 1976 to 1981, then since 1982 he worked as a ... arrows 

Krzysztof Turkowski (1954)

He was born on 17 May 1954 in Wroclaw, Lower Silesian Voivodship, Poland; a graduate of the Institute of History at the University of Wroclaw; In 1977 – 1981 he was working as a librarian in Ossolineum (National Ossoliński Institute) In the 70s an associate of ... arrows 



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