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5. 7. 1985 Pilgrimage to Velehrad

List of witnesses

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Augustin Ladislav Gazda (1960)

born on February 22, 1960 in Kojetín in the Olomouc region and grew up in nearby Pivín in 1977 met young Christians in Prostějov, which had a significant impact on his perception of faith in the 1970s he became acquainted with photographer Jindřich Štreit, the ... arrows 

RNDr., CSc. František Reichel (1938)

born January 27, 1938 in Prague raised in a strongly Catholic environment in 1962 graduated from the veterinary faculty of the University of Agriculture in Brno got implicated with the State Security Police while doing his military service in 1970 joined the ... arrows 

František Srovnal (1947) video clip available

born 1947 in Bludov graduated from the Czech Technical University in Prague graduated from the Theological Faculty of Palacký University in Olomouc during normalisation, one of the organisers of home seminars in the Zábřeh district November 1989, attended the ... arrows 

Miloslav Šváček (1941) video clip available

Born on February 2, 1941 in Střítěž nad Ludinou The family was persecuted during collectivisation of agriculture Since 1969 a leader of the catholic youth section of the Czech Esperanto Union In 1969 - 1977 a leader of the summer camps of the catholic ... arrows 

Vladimír Trlida (1962) video clip available

born on the 7th of July 1962 in Gottwaldov (today's Zlín) known as a “mánička” witnessed several police interventions during underground festivals signed Charter 77 in 1987 one of the founding members of the Society of friends of the USA (SPUSA) helped with ... arrows 

Ing. Milan Uhlíř (1958) video clip available

born September 18, 1958 in Brno graduated from the College of Agriculture in Brno Catholic community in the Jeseník region distribution of samizdat teacher at the secondary vocational school of agriculture in Horní Heřmanice fired from his job due to his ... arrows 

Mgr. Václav Vacek (1946) video clip available

Born on 11 August, 1946 in Dolní Čermná His father was sentenced for two years of prison during communism in a construed process In 1970 - 1975 studies at the Theological Faculty in Litoměřice In 1975 ordained a priest in the St. Vitus cathedral in Prague ... arrows 



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