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29. 10. – 7. 11. 1956 Suez Crisis

List of witnesses

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Avri Fischer (1935)

Born in January 1935 in Vienna Spent his childhood in Bratislava Memories of the family, aunt Gisi Fleischmann, née Fischer Experienced outbursts of antisemitism, anti-Jewish measures The family went into hiding from September 1944 to May 1945 After the war ... arrows 

Maty Grunberg (1943)

he and his wife raised three children 2007 return to Israel art works and installations in Israel, England and U.S. working on the memorial site of Macedonian Jews in the Jewish cemetery Bitola in Macedonia ... arrows 

Aharon Eduard Vlček (1939)

born 30 November 1939 in Topoľčany Jewish family, three children 1942, deported to a labour camp in Nováky August 1944, left the camp and headed to Banská Bystrica hid in the mountains liberated by the Red Army returned to Topoľčany September 1945, ... arrows 



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