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12. 9. 1944 Bombing of St. Ján´s wood near Kladno

List of witnesses

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Antonín Beneš (1929)

born May 6, 1929 in Kročehlavy near Kladno 1944 – began working in the crankshaft production plant in the Poldi factory in Kladno; studying the secondary school of technical engineering September 12, 1944 experienced the air raid of American airplanes on the ... arrows 

Jindřich Holas (1931) video clip available

born on April 19, 1931 in Dubí near Kladno his uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Topinka, were executed by the Nazis in the Petschek Palace during the war in 1946 enrolled in a military music school where he started playing the transverse flute in the 1950s refused ... arrows 



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