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9. 12. 1945 - Death of Father Antonin Vysloužil

List of witnesses

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Zdeňka Jiříčková (1920)

born May 6, 1920 WWII, her husband in a concentration camp 1945 the trial with Mr. Vysloužil shocked the whole family in 1946 her husband became the mayor of the town Vizovice in 1955 began to work in a milk store for her entire life helping with church ... arrows 

Anna Lednická (1932)

Born on 2 June 1932 in Vizovice From 1947 to 1950 she studied the business academy of T. Bati in Zlín In September 1948 her future husband Ladislav got imprisoned Worked in the State Czechoslovakian bank in Karviná After 1990 she helped renewing activities of ... arrows 



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