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20. 6. - 29. 8. 1944 - Operation Bagration

Related epochs

The Second world war 1939 - 1945 (6850)

List of witnesses

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Antoni Aleksandrowicz (1928)

was born in 1928 in Ostrowiszki between 1942 and 1944 Antoni Aleksandrowicz was a member of one of three Home Army units operating in the district after the Soviets had entered Poland he was in hiding in the nearby forests for another five years he returned ... arrows 

Eugeniusz Cydzik (1921)

was born on 26 December 1921 On 1 September 1939, he volunteered to the army and was admitted to auxiliary services in Grodno On 2 February 1942, he took an oath and joined the Union of Armed Struggle He fought in guerrilla units On 3 August 1945 he was ... arrows 

Bernard Dinter (1918) video clip available

Born on November 22, 1918, in Ludgeřovice Belongs to the ethnic group of the so-called “Moravci” In September 1938, conscripted to the Wehrmacht Brothers Josef, Rudolf and Engelbert served in the Wehrmacht as well Brother Rudolf was killed in March 1945 near ... arrows 

Józefa Goroszewicz (1929)

born 19 March 1929 in the village of Brecianka near Nowogródek (now Navahrudak) in Brecianka Józefa Goroszewicz completed three forms of a Polish primary school she continued her education during World War II in Nowogródek after the war she graduated from a ... arrows 

Evdokie Havlíčková (1926)

born in Russia, 400 kilometres far from Moscow nurse in the Red Army married to Vasil Hlušek, a soldier of Czechoslovak army lived in Czechoslovakia ... arrows 

Bedřich Hubáček (1923) video clip available

he was born on August 22nd 1923 in Bělá village in Hlučín region on April 14th 1942 he enlisted in the Wehrmacht and was assigned as a driver to the 1st company of the Luftnachrichten-Regiment 22 by coincidence he witnessed the exhumation of the graves in Katyn ... arrows 

Władysław Karol (1926)

born 28 January 1926 in Łunie near Słobódka before World War II he completed six forms of a Polish school in 1944 he was called up and deported to Russia he got to the Polish Second Army the end of the war found him in Prague after he completed his military ... arrows 

Adolf Kůrka (1926) video clip available

born December 17, 1926 in Štěpánkovice the family registered their nationality as the Moravec ethnic group his brother Emil Kůrka died as a wehrmacht soldier Adolf Kůrka was drafted to the wehrmacht in December 1943 deployed in La Rochelle in western France ... arrows 

Ljubov Pavlovna Latipová (1922)

Born in 1922 in the vicinity of Mogilev Studied at a pedagogical secondary school Dug anti-tank trenches near Mogilev Helped the Belarusian guerilla fighters of the 121st troop operating in the Mogilev region After the war, she completed her pedagogical ... arrows 

Ferdinand Maneth (1923 - 2014) video clip available

Born in 1923 in Úsov Drafted to the Wehrmacht in June 1942 Was trained as an interpreter at a language training center in Meissen Served on the eastern frontline in Belarus as a radio operator Severely wounded nearby the town of Vitebsk Was treated in a ... arrows 



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