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The liberation of the city of Ostrava

List of witnesses

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Jiří Bárta (1934)

born January 9, 1934 in Ostrava-Poruba his grandfather Adolf and father Bohuš were important farmers and respected citizens of Ostrava-Poruba they were classified as kulaks after 1948 and their property was taken over by the Unified Agricultural Cooperative his ... arrows 

Květoslava Blahutová (1935)

born February 4, 1935 in Polanka nad Odrou her father was a farmer, her mother died while giving birth, she was raised by her father’s sister in 1942 Nazis confiscated her father’s farm and land, Totaleinsatz in Germany she witnessed the fighting for Ostrava in ... arrows 

Kurt Gebauer (1941)

born on 18 August 1941 in Hradec nad Moravicí during the war his father - a Bohemian German – was drafted to the Wehrmacht and in early 1942 died under unknown circumstancess grew up in very modest conditions ever since childhood was interested in visual arts; ... arrows 

Alena Grušková (1932)

born on June 10, 1932 in Ostrava her father Bohuš Bittner served as a policeman in Ostrava during the Protectorate era she witnessed the bombing of Ostrava in 1944 and the city’s liberation in 1945 her parents and many of her relatives were active in the Sokol ... arrows 

Ing. Eduard Hájek (1942)

born 23 October 1942 in Ostrava his father, Břetislav Hájek, was arrested by the Gestapo for his resistance efforts and later died in concentration camp grew up in poverty with his mother and four siblings the family was active in Sokol and the witness was ... arrows 

Stanislav Chromčák (1932)

born on 3 January 1932 in Ostrava-Hrabůvka¨ witnessed the shelling of Ostrava and surroundings as well as German troops‘ retreat and liberation by the Red Army married Ludmila Hušťová from Prlov who helped partisans during WW II graduated from Masaryk’s ... arrows 

Gertruda Ješonková (1941)

born on the 21st of December 1941 in Ostrava-Vítkovice both parents were Germans from Ostrava father had to join German air force in May 1945 she and her mother were interned in a camp for Germans from Ostrava between the years 1945 and 1949 her mother was ... arrows 

Irena Ondruchová (1928)

Born on 18th November, 1928 in a village of Výškovice near Ostrava In August 1944 experienced bombing of Ostrava From April to May 1945 witnessed liberation fights In November, 1945 moved to Sudetenland with her parents In March 1946 witnessed the ... arrows 

Ing., Colonel Václav Petras (1927)

Born on 3 July, 1927 in Kvasilov in Volyně He attended Czech schools and was learning in a local brewery his father served in the Soviet guard section and died during German air raid in 1944 In May 1944 he joined Svoboda´s army, was active with the signallers´ ... arrows 

Josef Pukowiec (1929) video clip available

born in January 1929 in Karviná-Sovinec his father was a miner in the Karviná region learnt to be a mining machinery fitter in 1945 sent to Germany to do forced labour, escaped during the bombardment of Dreden worked in the Czechoslovak Army Mine in the ... arrows 



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