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13.8.1961 - Building of the Berlin Wall

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The Sixties - 1960 - 1969 (2095)

List of witnesses

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Rainer Eppelmann (1943)

1943, born in Berlin-Pankow Father was a carpenter and his mother was a dressmaker Not a member of Communist youth organizations Attended the Johannes-Kepler-Gymnasium in West Berlin 1961 construction of the wall and was forced to leave school Worked as an ... arrows 

Master of Fine Arts Jan Klusák (1934)

Czech-Jewish origin transport of his father to Terezín hiding in his grandmother’s place in Polabec interested in Christianity studying at the state grammar school in Benešov influence of the Liberated Theatre – study of music his first teacher of ... arrows 

Manfred Matthies (1941)

1941 - born in Magdeburg, trained as a shipbuilder 1959 - escaped with his family to West Berlin, assigned to Solingen (NRW) 1961 – began to study in West Berlin 1960s – was involved in helping countless fugitives to escape from the East using forged passports, ... arrows 

Gerd Poppe (1941)

1941 - born in Rostock 1958 - completed a one-year apprenticeship in the Warnow shipyard in Warnemünde 1959-64 - studied physics in Rostock 1965 - worked as a physicist in the Stahnsdorf semiconductor factory Since 1968 oppositional engagement, protest ... arrows 

Jan Trnka (1940)

born November 1940 in Pardubice 1945, moved to Ústí nad Labem with his parents and sister 1954, employed at Metra, an electrotechnical plant 1959, started military service in Děčín, completed an NCO course, served as a radio operator 1961, employed by State ... arrows 



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