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9.11.1989 - The fall of the Berlin Wall

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The Eighties - 1980 - 1989 (1255)

List of witnesses

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Heidi Bohley (1950)

1950 - born in Görlitz 1953 - her first childhood memory relates to the arrest of her father on 17 June 1969 - passed her school-leaving exam and began her university studies in Halle Since 1969, she joined political discussion groups in Halle 1971 - met her ... arrows 

Rainer Eppelmann (1943)

1943, born in Berlin-Pankow Father was a carpenter and his mother was a dressmaker Not a member of Communist youth organizations Attended the Johannes-Kepler-Gymnasium in West Berlin 1961 construction of the wall and was forced to leave school Worked as an ... arrows 

Milan Horáček (1946)

born in 1946 in Velké Losiny his mother was a German, his father came from Moravia learnt the electrical fitter’s trade did his military service in a road construction squad, former Auxiliary Technical Battalions escaped to Germany after the Soviet invasion ... arrows 

Manfred Matthies (1941)

1941 - born in Magdeburg, trained as a shipbuilder 1959 - escaped with his family to West Berlin, assigned to Solingen (NRW) 1961 – began to study in West Berlin 1960s – was involved in helping countless fugitives to escape from the East using forged passports, ... arrows 

Gerd Poppe (1941)

1941 - born in Rostock 1958 - completed a one-year apprenticeship in the Warnow shipyard in Warnemünde 1959-64 - studied physics in Rostock 1965 - worked as a physicist in the Stahnsdorf semiconductor factory Since 1968 oppositional engagement, protest ... arrows 

Pavel Pukyš (1964) video clip available

Born on August 30, 1964 in Slavičín Apprenticed as a pipe fitter for ČKD Due to his efforts to avoid obligatory military service he stayed in psychiatric hospitals Spent three months in the Ruzyně prison for an offence against work discipline Repeatedly ... arrows 

Jan Šinogl (1949)

born on September 25, 1949 in Znojmo after completing elementary school he started his vocational training the events in August 1968 and the death of philosopher Jan Patočka in 1977 turned him into an active member of the resistance movement against the communist ... arrows 

Martin Štainer (1967)

born 25 November 1967 in Valašské Meziříčí 1970s a 1980s, active in the Pioneers and the Socialist Youth Union grew up in close connection to the culture scene in Valašské Meziříčí, which was persecuted and scrutinised by the regime 1980s, conflicts with the ... arrows 

Kumar Vishwanathan (1963)

born 15 November 1963 in Quilon in the state of Kerala, India grew up in the family of a power plant engineer in Neyveli in the state of Tamil Nadu 1983, began studying physics at Patrice Lumumba University in Moscow met his future wife, a university student ... arrows 



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