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March 5th, 1953 - Death of Josif V. Stalin

List of witnesses

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Květoslava Bednářová (1924)

Born on 12 May, 1924 In 1928 her mum died In 1932 moved to Brno In 1939 deployed in Brno in operations run by Germans In 1946 married and had two sons In 1970s fired from job for alleged labour disputes, litigation Death of her husband Lives in Brno ... arrows 

Blanka Císařovská (1927)

born 10 May 1927 in Lenešice her father was a legionary in Russia during WW1 1945, she and her whole family joined the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia graduated from the University of Politics and Society 1953-1960, lectured on the history of the labour ... arrows 

Jiří Degl (1944)

born on 17 August 1944 in Pilsen his father, Vilém Degl who was a judge, refused to take part in politically motivated trials after 1948 the Communist regime relegated his father, he worked as a blue collar worker in the car manufacturing company Škoda and in a ... arrows 

Petr Esterka (1935)

born 14 November 1935 in Dolní Bojanovice, Hodonín District 1950, Operation K at the Episcopal Grammar School in Brno 1956, graduated from an eleven-year secondary school June 1957, emigrated to Austria 1957–1963, studied at the Pontifical College of ... arrows 

Nadežda Földváriová, rod. Pavlíková (1933)

Nadežda was born on February 2, 1933 in Bratislava studied musicology at the Faculty of Arts of the Comenius University in Bratislava worked in Publishing House of the Belletristic Literature, later on she moved to the theatre department of the Institute of ... arrows 

Monsignor Vnislav Fruvirt (1923)

born on July 11, 1923 in the village Příbram na Moravě near Zastávka u Brna 1947 ordained a priest, served in Tvarožná 1952 transferred to Mašovice and drafted to do military service 1953 arrested for anti-state activity 1960 released in amnesty after seven ... arrows 

Jaroslav Haidler (1933)

born the 14th of June 1933 in Liberec 1938, family forced to move from Liberec to Říčany near Prague 1945, family moved to Frýdlant, into a house belonging to expelled Germans 1952, expelled from seventh year at grammar school, worked in the textile-machine ... arrows 

Josef Hora (1931)

born on April 23, 1931 in Malé Lážovice attended the middle school in Osov and at the secondary engineering school in Betlémská street in Prague – graduated in 1951 remembrance of Ing. Theodora Hácha work in the peaceful construction of the Prague branch of ... arrows 

academic painter Josef Hošna (1926)

1926 born in Brloh 1942–1945 studied to become a porcelain painter in České Budějovice 1946–1947 and 1949–1951 work in the porcelain factory in Nová Role 1948–1949 army service 1952–1057 study at AVU in the studio of professor Vratislav Nechleba 1958 ... arrows 

Miriam Kama roz. Langová (1938)

born 4 June 1938 in Bytča, Slovakia Jewish family, printing shop and stationery 1942, father deported to Majdanek, where he died 1942, the witness and her mother and sister were taken to a camp in Sereď August 1944, left Sereď, hid in Nitra and Brezová pod ... arrows 



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