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Lviv in the times of the Second World War 1939-1945

List of witnesses

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Kurt Markovič (1917 - 1991)

born 25 August 1917 in Moravská Ostrava transport of Ostravian Jews to Nisko, Poland escape to the Soviet Union deported to a labour camp in Siberia joined the Czechoslovak unit in Buzuluk fought on the eastern front, aide of General Ludvík Svoboda family ... arrows 

Vera Meisels (1936)

born on June 10, 1936 she comes from a secularized Jewish family during the warlike Slovak Republic all members of the Meisels family were deprived of their property and civil rights Vera waited to see the end of the war in Theresienstadt concentration camp ... arrows 

Frideta Seidlová (1931)

born January 1931 in Kraków, Poland her parents were Czechoslovak Jews 1939, fled east from the Nazi invasion 1940, imprisoned in a labour camp in Siberia 1941, released, travelled to Uzbekistan moved to Czechoslovakia researcher at the Institute of ... arrows 

Володимир Шарко (1931) video clip available

August 21, 1931 - born in Lviv 1938—1939 – studied in the "Ridna Shkola" school, named after the Prince Leo in Lviv 1939—1941 — studied in the secondary school in Lviv 1942—1944 — studied in Academic Gymnasium in Lviv June 1, 1944 – family emigrated in ... arrows 



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