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Arrests in Western Ukraine 1949-1950

List of witnesses

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Ludmila Dejneka (1952)

born 1952 into a Czech-Ukrainian family her father was in a gulag when she was born graduated from chemical engineering at the Lviv Polytechnic Institute met her future husband, a professor of geodesy, at university worked at a military ceramic factory for 10 ... arrows 

Valentyna Platonivna Denysjuk (1929)

born on November 16, 1929 in the village Tarakaniv in the Rivne province in the then Poland attended ten grades of school, then she enrolled in the pedagogical institute in Lvov she became a messenger (zv'jazkova) for the Ukrainian Insurgent Army distributing ... arrows 

Maria Soldaťjuková (1935) video clip available

Born on July 29, 1935, in the Ukrainian village of Pohořelice (today Pryvilne) Childhood in Mirohošť in Volhynia Czech ancestors Uncle in the gulag and exile History teacher in the USSR Five years of teaching history in Unhošť in Czechoslovakia Member of ... arrows 

Лев Лебіщак (1922) video clip available

1922, May 20 - Born in Drohobych (Halychyna, Ukraine) 1943-1949 - studied at Medical Institute 1950 - arrested at the station Krasne 1950-1958 - exiled to Siberia since 1958 - lives in Lviv, Ukraine ... arrows 

Ігор Попович (1933) video clip available

Feb 26 1933 born in Warsaw, Poland 1943 - studied in Ternopil gymnasium 1944 - emigrated to the city of Krynytsia, Western Halychyna, Poland. Later repatriated back to USSR. 1953-1960 - exiled to Far East, Khabarovskiy Kray, Russia 1954-1959 - studied in ... arrows 



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