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9 May 1945 - 11 May 1945 Battle of Milin

Related epochs

The Second world war 1939 - 1945 (6911)

List of witnesses

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Luděk Dembovský (1929 - 2016)

born 11 December 1929 experienced air raids in Pilsen and the arrival of the American army joined American soldiers on a trip to Hitler’s Eagle Nest in Berchtesgaden, Germany from 1948, studied at the Czech Technical University in Prague and at the Faculty of ... arrows 

Vladimír Hrozný (1923) video clip available

born on May 5, 1923, in the Far East was interested in flying as a young man, flew a Polikarpov Po-2 194 – voluntarily joined the Red Army participated in a 6 month training in Barnaul 1942 – fought at Leningrad, wounded was trained as a pilot, flew an Il-2 ... arrows 

Jiřina Přibylová (1938)

born 14 February 1938 in Prague May 1945, Milín, witnessed some of the final military clashes of WW2 on our territory her husband had participated in the 1948 student procession to Prague Castle and was consequently barred from studying at university 1950s, a ... arrows 

Miroslav Soukup (1928)

Born on 17 May, 1928 Since 1934 a member of Scaut 1944–1945 – forced labour in CKD and serving at the Technische Nothilfe May 1945 – experienced the end of war in Příbramsko region 1946 – helped taking over property after displaced Germans in borderland ... arrows 

Magdalena Toufarová (1924)

Born in Březové Hory near Příbram on 16 July 1924 Experienced the occupation of Příbram by Nazi forces and persecution during the Heydrichiad Her father was in anti-Nazi resistance and died in March 1945 due to the effects of imprisonment Deployed on forced ... arrows 



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