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18. 4. 1945 - Zákřovský masakr

Related epochs

The Second world war 1939 - 1945 (6850)

List of witnesses

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Zdeňka Calábková (1937) video clip available

born in 1937 in Zákřov near Olomouc her parents were hiding a Jewish family in 1945 witnessed the Zákřov massacre on 18th April 1945 her father Oldřich Ohera was killed together with 18 other men in a cabin near Kyjanice lives in Zákřov ... arrows 

Rostislav Čapek (1931)

born on April 18, 1931 in Tršice witnessed many dramatic war events in Tršice and their environs worked as a typographer in the IGO printing works in Olomouc at the time when the factory was taken over by communists n February 1948 his father-in-law Bedřich ... arrows 

Olga Glierová (1932) video clip available

born in 1932 in Zákřov near Olomouc witnessed the Zákřov massacre on 18th April 1945 her brother Drahomír should have been among the executed, he managed to hide and survive after the war, the family had an unknown Russian soldier buried in the yard Still ... arrows 

Svatava Kubíková (1931 - 2015) video clip available

she was born in Zákřov near Olomouc in 1931 a witness of the so-called Zákřov tragedy her brother Drahomír, her father Josef and 17 other men were killed in the forest near Kyjanica on 20 April 1945 today she still lives in Zákřov died on April the 2nd, 2015 ... arrows 

Ing. Jan Sklenář (1922) video clip available

born 1922 in Vacanovice near Olomouc his father served as a legionnaire in Russia hiding weapons in Vacanovice his father was imprisoned during the German occupation his father survived a death march tragedy in Přestavlky on April 30, 1945 ... arrows 

Otakar Švarc (1931)

Born on the 21st of January 1931 in Zákřov, a village near Olomouc. 1944 his mother suddenly dies. On the 18th of April 1945 Zákřov was raided by Russian Cossacks. On the 20th of April 1945 father and older brother were among the 19 men that were brutally ... arrows 

Anna Tichavská, roz. Švarcová (1922) video clip available

born 1922 in Zákřov April 18, 1945 experienced the massacre in Zákřov April 20, 1945 her cousin František Švarc and his sixteen-year-old son were together with other 17 men murdered near the Kyjanice hamlet at the time of the assault on the village she was ... arrows 



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