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Věra Zachařová, roz. Salačová

For two and half years he was hiding in the courtyard of a concrete cell

Věra Zachařová, née Salačová, was born on 8th December, 1942 in Prague to Josef and
Emily. The family lived in Kostelec nad Labem, where his father operated the
butchers. He was an active member of the Sokol sports association and a
representative in gymnastics. In December 1942 he and his wife were arrested
based on a denunciation by the Gestapo for doing a secret slaughter. Illegal
meat was meant for the resistance fighters and their families. Emily, who gave
birth only five days ago, was released by the gestapo, but was sent to a labour
camp in half a year. Only six months old Věra was chosen for adoption for her
Arian looks in a German family, which didn't happen due to family friends'
intervention and went to her granny to Činěves. Josef Salač, who was sentenced
to death penalty, managed to escape using a loading truck that took him out of
the prison workplace. For two and a half years he was hiding in Jiřice near the
Chalupa family in a tight cell in the courtyard. Af ...arrows 

Father captured by the gestapo and sentenced to death penalty

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Olga Tichá (1945)

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Václav Brůna (1934) video clip available

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Ľudovit Petík (1952)

1952 born in Ražňany village (district Sabinov), raised with 9 other siblings. His father was a mason and a musician, his mother was a housewife. 1966 he finished elementary ... arrows 

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Ve čtvrtek 25. května večer se v Praze rozhodlo o nejlepších dokumentaristech-amatérech roku, soutěž „Příběhy 20. století“ měla své finále.arrows 

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